23rd Street Creations 5 ft. Inflatable Punching Bag – for Adults and Kids



Fun for everyone, including children, teens, younger and older adults! Join the fun!

The 23rd Street Creations Punching Bag

Durable: 5 feet 6 inches tall and made of a very durable plastic that withstands every hit thrown its way.

Unique Design: You won’t be disappointed because this is not the average punching bag.
It allows more striking ability because of its larger diameter and displays targets for better accuracy.
You won’t find another one like it. It’s perfect for the most energetic kids who need to release as much energy as possible.

Kids & Adults: This punching bag is also useful for adults. A few swings for a few minutes and before you know it, you’ll have completed your workout for the day.
It can also be used as a punching dummy to build endurance or upper body strength. This punching bag will help you to burn calories in the convenience of your own home.


Unscrew cap/remove plug at the bottom portion of the Inflatable Bag.
Fill base with play-sand, uncooked rice, kitty litter, or water. (For best results, use a funnel to pour about 10-12 lbs. of dried substance).

When full, reinsert the plug and screw the cap back on. Next, open the valve to the upper portion of the Inflatable Bag.
Using an electric pump, insert the pump’s nozzle into the inflatable valve.

Switch on pump and inflate without overinflating. Too much air may damage the seams. Close valve to lock air in.

Φ DURABLE MATERIAL: This inflatable punching bag is made of a very thick and durable PVC material. This material is not as easily torn or punctured like other bop bags or kick bags. It will hold up to various physical activities.
Φ SLEEK DESIGN: The sleek design includes targets for practicing the aim of a multitude of kicks and punches. After each kick or punch, this punching bag is designed to bounce back for a series of hits. After one punch, it will readily bounce back for more.
Φ VARIETY OF USES: This punching bag can be utilized for exercise, training, karate or all around fun for adults and children. Its sturdy base and air inflated top chamber allows for the use of different speed techniques for training purposes.
Φ PHYSICAL FITNESS: It keeps the most energetic children entertained and physically fit. It also helps kids to maintain an active lifestyle. It can be used to improve coordination and speed for adults, while also burning calories and toning your body.
Φ MMA TRAINING: Can even be used as MMA training equipment as an MMA punching bag or kicking bag for martial arts training. Also useful for increasing your aerobic endurance to train your muscles to use energy more efficiently.


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